Your requirement, our excellence!

To ensure that each project meets the requirements specified by our clients all the necessary checks are carried out in accordance with the procedures of our quality manual for the sole purpose of obtaining and retaining the trust of our customers.

Absolute respect of our procedures and the total commitment of our entire staff will ensure a client / supplier relationship quality.

We are committed for many years, in a process of continuous improvement has resulted in ISO 9001 issued by EQS since January 12, 2009 certification for even better support our customers and future customers in their development.

ISO 9001 allows us to guarantee you optimum quality, both in terms of services, monitoring, product, organization or deadlines, and to continuously improve our organization to even greater efficiency.

Our metrology control, equipped with all necessary facilities to validate launches manufacturing. We perform inspections and quality testing through specific and efficient equipment. All our equipment is inspected annually by approved companies.

Controls devices:

• A 7-axis measuring arm

• A measuring column equipped with capacity of 600 mm

• A CMM with capacity of X700, Y600, Z450 mm

• Profile projectors

• Granite marble

• Calipers with digital display able to measuring range from 200 to 1000 mm

• Vernier calipers able to measuring range 1500 mm

• External micrometers with digital display

• Comparators with digital display

• Smooth gauges, plug gauges, thread plug, threaded collars, ...

• Thickness measuring, surface roughness, hardness testers, ...





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